Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MG Full Armor Unicorn in the works?

I can't believe my eyes when I saw this image. Finally, my prayers have been answered: a fully poseable, full armor gundam unicorn with its weapons of mass destruction is lurking around the corner!

Being a die-hard Unicorn fan, this would be a must-have. But for people who already has the Ver. Ka, OVA or Cage versions, would it be worth it?

I'm assuming that this would be a totally separate kit, and of course, that awesome transparent green Psycho Frame would be there (LED mods? anyone?). It might have the Missile Pods and stuff too but as one of my friends pointed out: will it come with the dreaded and ultra-expensive Gatling Guns that i've chased for quite some time?

If Bandai does release this kit with Gats included, then it would totally ruin the value and collectability of the Gats. I'm praying that won't be the case because I don't want to see the day where everybody with a Unicorn would flaunt those kick-ass Gats, hehe. Selfish? yeah prolly, but that's one of the things that makes collecting fun: getting rare stuff.

Price is also something that's important. Could be as expensive or lower than the 00Raiser (which I sell for PHP 3,250) considering that there would be loads of parts for this guy. Anything higher than that is absurd (i'm still gonna grab one for myself anyway).

Let's see what Bandai is cooking, perhaps a PG Unicorn someday? The waiting game begins...

(Updated the image 8/25)

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