Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MG Unicorn Full Armor Weaponry

A friend showed me this photo while I was sipping my good ol' warm cup of coffee...

And I almost spewed out my coffee...

Why? Here's the story:

Getting your hands on a pair of MG Unicorn Gatling Guns proved not only difficult, but costly as well. Can't find one when I was in Japan. If it was released today for example, I visited my supplier tomorrow only to find out it went out of stock in a single day.

Secured 2 pairs for a total cost of 1600 php. Bloody expensive for just 2 weapon pieces. I had no choice, the Unicorn and Sinanju look dull and "green" without them. It adds a certain bad-ass element to the kit. Great, can't believe it. That was back in March.

Seeing this image infuriated me. Not only did it wreck the value of the add-on, it pissed people like me who spent cash on these suckers. I'm sure people who have plans to buy the Unicorn FA (this December) and does not have Gats would be glad like hell... That spear-axe thingy looks awesome though, I wonder what sort of gimmicks Bandai has in store for us with that particular piece.

Credits to Renan Salumbre for sharing this image to me!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September Stocks are here!

Selling Gunpla ain't an easy task. There's a whole lot of things to consider, some of the toughest would be stocks, yen/php conversion and shipping. Not to mention dealing with customers, each and everyone is unique in their own way. I do love what i'm doing though, can't say its about the moolah (try to convert each box's SRP to php and add shipping to it LOL), its about the hobby, its about the friends I gained since February. 

Been thinking if I finally need to turn the notch all the way up. I have a good job which is kinda hard to let go, considering that the Gunpla business is not 100% stable. I can't do both at the same time, I would have to choose one and cross my fingers everything's okay, or just keep things the way they are. Will see come this November hehe when negotiations would finally take place.

Some might ask where are the MG Gundam 00 Seven Sword/G boxes, well they should be here soon enough if things would be smooth sailing.

Thanks a lot to those who waited, and see you on Sunday! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Spartacus Protagonist dies...

300 sparked the interest for Greek stories back in 2006. Countless movies and productions were made hoping to topple the magic 300 had, but nothing comes close to Spartacus. It had loads of violence, stunts, and of course, a healthy dose of women in it, not to mention erotic scenes. Spartacus made me sit back in front of the TV after several months.

The protagonist, Andy Whitfield, died today, no thanks to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He was geared up for Season 2 when he was diagnosed and had to undergo treatment. Season 2 for me is not up to par with the first. Although Season 2 helped answer questions on why is this and that, Season 1 is still way better.

Now that Andy's gone, will Liam McIntyre manage to satisfy hard-core Spartacus fanatics like me? We'll see, but one thing's for sure, nobody can replace Andy's portrayal of Spartacus... Rest in Peace sir, thanks for the awesome acting, and may the gods of the arena be with you...

More news here:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MG 00 QanT WIP

This kit was with me since December 2010, no thanks to my work and selling activities, my MG 00Q kit still rests inside his box. Had some free time in my hands this weekend and decided to do the internal frame for the body unit and other parts. The armor parts require a bit more work coz I won't be painting them so I have to be careful on how I sand, apply the waterslides and topcoat them. Some photos of my ultra slow progress:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Otaku 2011 Expo!

Sunday is always a day for my hobbies. I work during the weekdays, and rest/tend family matters by Saturday. Had an opportunity to visit the Otaku Expo 2011 @ SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. The place was not as big as Ozine's or ComicCon's and there weren't much figs on sale (zero Gunpla darn...) but it was good I guess. Snapped photos like hell including cosplayers, let's see if you can recognize them all... Without further ado, enjoy!

One of my dream figures
My other dream figure

Hallelujah! Someone finally decided to play as Ghost!