Monday, September 12, 2011

Spartacus Protagonist dies...

300 sparked the interest for Greek stories back in 2006. Countless movies and productions were made hoping to topple the magic 300 had, but nothing comes close to Spartacus. It had loads of violence, stunts, and of course, a healthy dose of women in it, not to mention erotic scenes. Spartacus made me sit back in front of the TV after several months.

The protagonist, Andy Whitfield, died today, no thanks to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He was geared up for Season 2 when he was diagnosed and had to undergo treatment. Season 2 for me is not up to par with the first. Although Season 2 helped answer questions on why is this and that, Season 1 is still way better.

Now that Andy's gone, will Liam McIntyre manage to satisfy hard-core Spartacus fanatics like me? We'll see, but one thing's for sure, nobody can replace Andy's portrayal of Spartacus... Rest in Peace sir, thanks for the awesome acting, and may the gods of the arena be with you...

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  1. As you said "nobody can replace Andy's portrayal of Spartacus" rest in peace