Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MG Unicorn Full Armor Weaponry

A friend showed me this photo while I was sipping my good ol' warm cup of coffee...

And I almost spewed out my coffee...

Why? Here's the story:

Getting your hands on a pair of MG Unicorn Gatling Guns proved not only difficult, but costly as well. Can't find one when I was in Japan. If it was released today for example, I visited my supplier tomorrow only to find out it went out of stock in a single day.

Secured 2 pairs for a total cost of 1600 php. Bloody expensive for just 2 weapon pieces. I had no choice, the Unicorn and Sinanju look dull and "green" without them. It adds a certain bad-ass element to the kit. Great, can't believe it. That was back in March.

Seeing this image infuriated me. Not only did it wreck the value of the add-on, it pissed people like me who spent cash on these suckers. I'm sure people who have plans to buy the Unicorn FA (this December) and does not have Gats would be glad like hell... That spear-axe thingy looks awesome though, I wonder what sort of gimmicks Bandai has in store for us with that particular piece.

Credits to Renan Salumbre for sharing this image to me!

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