Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Personal Loots - non-Gunpla

October shaped up pretty good for me. Started this wallet-wringing hobby August this year. After countless hours of searching with my ever-trusty friend, Google, and asking loads of questions from experienced collectors/sellers, I managed to streamline which figures I would collect. I learned that figure-collecting is WAYYY different than gunpla. Here's why:

1. When a company (Alter, AlphaMax, MegaHouse etc.) announces a figure, which could be several months ahead or even a year, retailers/resellers opens a preorder list. Once its closed then that's it. Gunpla does not work that way, you have all the time in the world to think, check reviews, and save money to get the kit you desire. Figure collectors do not have that kind of luxury. Think fast, make your wallet ready and place a preorder. If you miss the boat, then securing that figure would be quite difficult, not to mention possibly more pricey compared to a preorder because figure companies mostly manufactures a specific set number of that product. Add the fact that if the figure was rated top-notch, then prices would sky-rocket.

2. Opening the box lowers the value. If you are the buy and sell type, then don't dare open the box. A MISB (mint-in-sealed-box) commands a higher price compared to a MIB (mint-in-box) fig.

3. Dust proof cabinets IS A MUST. If your figure starts to eat dust then cleaning could prove to be fatal for the paint finish of the figure because you would have to clean it. I was even concerned that the heat here in the Philippines might "melt" the fig or something, but Otakai (a fig-collecting forum here in the Philippines) veterans confirmed that keeping them in an air-conditioned room is not essential. Whew...

4. Deposits is mandatory. I don't ask for deposits unless the total cost exceeds 5k but in the figure-world, you have to shell some hard-earned cash right away, even if the figure would be out months later.

Still learning new stuff about figs every day, and honestly, I can feel a small sting to my finances already, no thanks to my new hobby. A photo of my loots:

Got a Naoe Kanetsugu (by Penguin Parade) and a Jubei Swimsuit White (by Alter, hallelujah for this recolor coz the Red version can cost 15k php easily) slated for a March 2012 release. Although the AlphaMax Hyakka Ryouran Swimsuit collection's calling my name madly recently. Thank god Christmas is around the corner...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MG Full Armor Unicorn - more images!

December is around the corner, and boy oh boy, how happy Unicorns fans would be this yuletide season. These images came from GundamGuy's blog. As far as I can see, the FA Unicorn variation is well worth your money. Some questions I have in my head though:

1. Will it have the OVA or Ver. Ka articulation? I damn hope that it has the OVA articulation, even better please!
2. How about an Action Base? or is it just the stand-like things for the fuel tanks?
3. MG Hi-Nu/Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode like box? or MG Sinanju size like box? As seen in the All-Japan Hobby Show?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23 Meet

Our routine meetup every Sunday was great yesterday. Lots of people to chat with about Gunpla and other stuff, customers claiming there MG kits from me, and of course, jokes and pranks galore to make the Sunday morning and afternoon light for everybody.

Some photos to give you an idea on how much fun Gunpla building can be for anybody:
Goofy poses galore!
DBZ Fusion..? Yaiks!
Starbucks, our real life Batcave...

I wonder what they're looking at..?

While i'm busy bashing heads in Tekken with a friend, some people talk about kits, some check their  hauls or loots
RedAstray and Doyzilla preparing for the Faceoff!
A satisfying meal from the group's official fastfood, aptly named "KEPS". Nothing beats a warm, salty, juicy and moist meal from them XD
Never imagined that this hobby could be great...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gunpla Meisters: FACE OFF

My Facebook Group, named Gunpla Meisters, would have its own face-off between DoyZilla and RedAstray. Both participants agreed to post their WIPs and would be categorized as a friendly contest.

They would both work on a Master Grade Bandai MSA-0011 [Ext] EX-S Gundam. Both participants have experience painting their kits with their ever-trusty airbrushes so its something I would definitely watch out for.

Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MG Heavy Arms EW..?

Could this be the long awaited MG HeavyArms EW? I must admit, I've had far too many questions about this kit compared to the Epyon or DeathScythe Hell. I don't think December would be the release date though, considering the fact that Bandai announced that the MG Full Armor Unicorn would roll out on that month.

January 2012 perhaps? As Bandai's new year present to Gunpla fanatics? Waiting game begins...


And yes, it would be released in January 2012 as GG's blog states... Fast forward to January pleaseee? XD