Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23 Meet

Our routine meetup every Sunday was great yesterday. Lots of people to chat with about Gunpla and other stuff, customers claiming there MG kits from me, and of course, jokes and pranks galore to make the Sunday morning and afternoon light for everybody.

Some photos to give you an idea on how much fun Gunpla building can be for anybody:
Goofy poses galore!
DBZ Fusion..? Yaiks!
Starbucks, our real life Batcave...

I wonder what they're looking at..?

While i'm busy bashing heads in Tekken with a friend, some people talk about kits, some check their  hauls or loots
RedAstray and Doyzilla preparing for the Faceoff!
A satisfying meal from the group's official fastfood, aptly named "KEPS". Nothing beats a warm, salty, juicy and moist meal from them XD
Never imagined that this hobby could be great...

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