Sunday, August 28, 2011

High School of the Dead: 1/8 Saeko Busujima Scale Figure

I don't watch a whole lot of anime, but when I do, its something that I really dig and my taste for figures began 2 weeks ago. I was looking around our local hobby shop and saw a whole lot of female Jap Anime figures. When I went home, the first thing I did was Google 'em and boy oh boy, I told myself, "Now my wallet would bleed harder"...

High School of the Dead began as a Manga back in 2006 then later released as an Anime in 2010. Zombie-movie junkies like me became addicted to it easily. The story wasn't derived from your run-off-the-mill zombie flick, it depicts emotional and psychological challenges the students had to face due to the Zombie infestation. I would strongly recommend that you watch it online or download it, its an awesome anime.

As for the figure, I saw this while relentlessly researching the net. Some of the figure terminologies I've learned from the past weeks are:

NSFW - not safe for work, these are figures which shows the private parts of the human anatomy
MISB - mint in sealed box, in the world of figure collecting, a person who wants to sell his figure roughly around the same price he purchased it must make sure the box was not opened
MIB - mint in box, box opened but never displayed in a cabinet

You may mistake Saeko for Psylocke from Marvel because of the violet hair and oriental features. As a Captain of the Kendo Club, her skills with the Bokken (wooden sword for Kendo) and later on, a Katana is exceptional.

This figure is classified as NSFW because of the cast-off feature. A feature in the figure industry where you can remove the figure's clothes. I would suggest you view the photos in private.

No thanks to my new addiction, i'm thinking hard if I need a mid-range SLR Camera to bring out the best in my figure collection. Sigh haha!

Box front
Box back
For more photos and an in-depth review, check out Reno's Saeko Review (warning, photos from this review are NSFW)!


  1. Hey, Thanks for sending people to my review of this great figure:) Thanks! I appreciate it^^.

  2. No problem man, its a great review so everybody who wants Saeko should see it

  3. Like you, realised recently I'm was gonna need a decent camera for close up work, but discovered the store "experts" aren't the best informed and luckily avoided a costly expence. Excellent article, Saeko now on my shopping list.

  4. Yeah, my Canon Ixus digicam won't be able to do justice for Saeko, need something better to bring out the beauty in her huhu T_T