Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gundam Wing EW: Gundam Armaments

GunJap posted this in his blog and caught my attention.

Gundam Wing was the 1st series from the Gundam Universe that I watched as a kid. I was captivated by the mech designs and I have fond memories of me and my cousin sitting right in front of our Television, Monday-Friday, GMA 7, 4 or 5pm. Wing introduced me to a whole new definition of mechas. I believe that it would be the same for most Pinoys, even the American audience say that it was Wing where they had their first glimpse of a Gundam.

What I have below would be "add-ons" for the Sandrock, HeavyArms and Shenlong, I wonder what the add-on would be for the Wing and DeathScythe? Stay tuned...

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