Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HG 1/144 Gundam Age!

I still remember the time when Gundam 00 was about to be released (anime and Gunpla): the series received major criticism. Some of the comments that was memorable for me was it sucked because the suits do not have backpacks like in Seed/Seed Destiny, there were only 4 lead suits, the pilots looked metrosexuals and much more. But hey, look what happened? Gundam 00 rocked, even the kits that they made for the series (IMO Setsuna's suits was milked by Bandai).

Now that Gundam Age is coming out, history repeats itself, criticism poured like there was no tomorrow. Got these images from Gunjap, check them out:

HG Box Art
I would be honest, the series seems to be influenced by Digimon for the human characters. As for the Age unit itself, it does look a bit bland. Far too simpler compared to the Exia.

I'm guessing that this suit would be the type who gets upgrades/parts as the story unfolds (namely the Sparrow and Titus). Might turn out to be one beefed up bad-ass someday.

I ain't too "excited" about Age but hey, I would still give it a chance, I won't close my doors yet. :)

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