Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eagle has landed...

Some of the boxes I would be handing out tomorrow hehe

At long last, my Delta Plus stocks arrived... It should've been here about a week ago but no thanks to delays, and numerous storms hammering the Philippines, I laid my hands on 'em just now.

What can I say? The box front is just the same as your MG Red Frame Kai box, but its quite thinner compared to the standard MG Box. I've read a bunch of bad reviews about this kit but hey, you gotta admit, the Detla Plus is the coolest transformable Mobile Suit as of the moment from the Master Grade line. Unfortunately, I can't keep one for myself because if I do, one of my customers would have to wait for the 2nd batch of D+ boxes, well I better set my mind that my very own D+ would be here in a few weeks time.

Quite excited to meet the gang again in our rendezvous point. We have grown to love the Starbucks branch in Megamall, we meet and have fun there. Technically, this is my 10th batch. Still alive and kickin' I guess. I pray that the rain won't come and pour down like there's no tomorrow later. Better get some sleep now, its 4:00am hehe.

For more Delta Plus info, check out Dalong's Review of the Delta Plus!

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