Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MG Unicorn HD with Cage and Sinanju Project

By now, you would notice that i'm a hardcore Unicorn and Sinanju fan, and yes I am crazy about these two suits.

Before I got the Unicorn HD, I had difficulty choosing which one to go for. I asked my wife and she had this mentality:  don't settle for less, please yourself. That helped me decide to get the HD version, the cage would be kick-ass.

Next step was to get the Gatling Guns and the Bazooka. I knew right off the bat that this would be difficult. These are freebies from the Unicorn Novel. I asked my friend to check our local hobby shop and he was lucky enough to get a Gatling Gun for me, but I still need one and the Bazooka. That same person got me another pair of Gatling Guns from a different branch of that hobby shop and I got the Bazooka myself, I waited for an hour inside the shop to check their new stocks, and voila! 2 pieces of the Bazooka was available. Thanks a lot to David coz if it wasn't for his efforts, getting the Gatling Guns would be near impossible at this time.

Now all that's left is the MG Sinanju Ver. Ka kit itself, should get my very own kit prolly by the 2nd week of August or so...

Just a pic:

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