Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2011 / Bankee Caravan

A rainy Sunday did not prevent me from attending the contest and see my friends from the Gunpla Hobby today. Arrived at 1pm and waited for 2 customers to claim their MG Unicorn OVA and MG Epyon kits, then we went straight to Toy Kingdom to have fun and support our friends Doy and Edward who participated in the contest. Some photos:

My friend Myk hard at work, the Bankee Caravan is a box-build contest. Organizers would provide you with an SD Red Frame kit, side-cutter and panel liner. Its up to you how much and how clean you would detail it

Myk's winning entry, this would be the 3rd time he landed 1st place in the contest haha
My friend Ed winning 5th Place for the Open Category, would try to get some photos of his kit in action and post it here

And of course, we have photos of us just goofing off inside Toy Kingdom. These guys make the hobby 80% more enjoyable for me.


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