Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HG RX-0 Unicorn ANA X Gundam Sky Project

Since this would be my 1st post, I think there's no kit better to start things up other than this. I saw this kit and instantly fell in love with it. Much to my disappointment, its available for ANA passengers only (details can be found from GundamGuy's post:

After extensive research, I placed an order for this in GG's store. The total was $161 (including shipping). Some might think its too much for an HG kit but hey, I can't complain. I ain't a pro modeller and there's no way I can customize a standard HG RX-0 Unicorn to look like this.

Got the package and fell in love with the finish. See for yourselves:

Box Face
 Box Open
The Clear Blue Psychoframe, impossible to accomplish, unless you're a god with pla plates

The White Metallic finish really awesome too, the panels seem to have some sort of gray in it

Took my own sweet time building this guy. You should see that by the Date in the pictures. Can't afford to make a mistake with any of the parts so I was ultra-careful with each and every part. Some pictures of the WIP:

Love how the finished product looks like. Even without panel lines, it is awesome. I also love the fact that Bandai hid approximately 80% of the nubmarks. Gundam kits with metallic finishes had that nasty problem, so glad that that ain't the case with this guy. The stickers/decals also add an extra kick to the overall appeal of the kit. IMHO, the ANA scheme perfectly blended with the RX-0, compared to the 00 Raiser and RX-78.

Will post a photoshoot once the other half of my ANA project is finished. Thanks for viewing!

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