Saturday, July 30, 2011

MG Unicorn Gatling Gun/Sinanju Bazooka legit and bootleg comparison

Allow me to show you guys the differences between a legit Gatling Gun/Bazooka compared to a bootleg GG/Bazooka. I purchased the bootleg GG and Bazooka coz to be quite honest, finding the original is tough these days. Ebay seems to be the only option, but with the help of my friend, I managed to secure 2 original Gatling Guns and a Bazooka. Here's the photos and some notes:
Legit (left) and the bootleg (right). Decided to use an MG Unicorn OVA box to serve as my background hehe. One thing I don't like with the legit is: the manual is inside the magazine, so you really have to open it to get the instructions where as the bootleg has a separate sheet of paper for the instructions
The legit runner's not that glossy, no excess plastic, details are smooth
The bootleg parts seem to be shiny and as seen in this photo, darker in terms of color
Smooth, no excess plastic too
This is where the fun begins for a bootleg: excess plastic (red circle in the left) and the shine shows how rough the parts are up close
Another downside to the bootleg is the uneven areas on flat surfaces, and what worries me is the proportions of the part. The left part (legit) has a thicker dimensions compared to the right (bootleg), I wonder if fitting the bootleg parts would be a problem because of this

And let's take a look at the Sinanju's Bazooka add-on too:

The legit packaging includes a sticker, whereas the bootleg has, uhh, nothing but plastic
Just like the Gatling Guns, the legit has a lighter color compared to the bootleg. The gloss would also be the same, the bootleg has a brighter plastic sheen to it as well
A legit part up close, details are smooth as expected, no excess plastic
Bootleg part up close reveals the uneven/rough areas and the detail seems to be quite a bit rough too in this photo
But wait! There's more! The bootleg has a 2nd red colored runner, which gives you an option to build 2 Bazookas or mix them for a custom-feel

Here are my thoughts:

Getting the legit add-ons would be beneficial if:
  • You think of quality and not the price
  • You want to give your Unicorn/Sinanju justice and respect (which is my primary reason BTW)
  • You have no plans to paint/customize them
On the other-hand, the bootleg would be a great choice if:
  • You are price-conscious, the Bootleg GG and Bazooka combined is just about half the price of the Legit Bazooka here in the Philippines
  • You can't find these add-ons anywhere, sans eBay
  • You don't mind sanding and painting the parts
  • You wanna build 2 Bazookas with one purchase

What do you guys think?

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