Friday, January 6, 2012


One of my New Year Resolutions was: TO BUILD MORE KITS. So here I am, starting off with the QanT. My own Full Saber add-on would be arriving anytime so I figured this would be the best choice to kick-start the year. I already had an MG QanT WIP but for some reason I cannot finish it, nor do I have the will/determination to do so, so I got myself a fresh MG QanT kit hehe.

What is the best way to build and paint a kit? Paint then build it? Or build, paint then rebuild?

Well here's my approach: I snap-build the kit first. I check out which parts are covered and does not need to be painted/detailed and which parts I could modify or detail. I also take note of which parts I should be very careful with. I know this is time consuming but it saves me some paint if I follow this process (and Tamiya cans aint cheap mind you).

Managed to build the head and body unit yesterday, and I'm on Rest Day today so I would build like mad hehe.

After an hour:

My own rendition of the half-missing, crawling zombie girl from The Walking Dead Season 1. 

After 12 hours:

God i'm slow, had a 6-hour sleep, but at least i'm making progress hehe! I personally think that the MG QanT has superb articulation. Thanks to its skirt and ankle design (cough Seed kits cough), you can make your own Martial Arts poses with ease. Tomorrow: WEAPONS!! Thanks for viewing!


  1. ..finally ^^

    you're back on the track..

  2. cant wait to see the finished product! Go master Zero :D