Sunday, January 8, 2012

MG QanT Snapbuild Complete!

Done with snapbuilding the kit. Checked out parts for detailing and which parts to be extra careful with or consider (paint scratches!). Tried my Bandai LEDs too. Some of my thoughts below, but photos first:

Kit Pros:

  • Articulation, one of the strongest points of 00 kits as far as I know.
  • near zero seamlines, Bandai manufactured the kit with that in mind, you hardly need your cement for this guy
  • sleek and sexy, the QanT's appearance gives me a humanoid-like impression, design is quite unique for me
  • LEDs! one of the few MG kits with LEDs. Well they're Setsuna suits and the GNX anyway...
Kit Cons:
  • Spent 15-20mins making him hold his sword, the peg ain't strong enough and the other peg that attaches to the forearm does not really help much!
  • Backpack is kinda loose, maybe because of the humongous shield's weight? Gotta fix that...
  • White parts on the side skirt keep on falling off!
Would start the grueling sanding process next week, gotta work tomorrow night, and I don't have my decals too yet so I better chill for a while. Thanks for viewing! 


  1. Please forgive a complete novice, but I'm puzzled as to the need to sand?

  2. so that the paint will stick to the plastic better and to remove nub marks

  3. same problem for me side skirts keep falling :D anyway this is a very awesome kit :D

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  5. Sanding removes the excess plastic that results from cutting the parts of the "tree" or plate of parts. It also makes painting stuff like Primers and colors stick to the part well, compared to a part that is not sanded :)

  6. @unknown @ ZeroFour
    Thank you! makes perfect sense now, one of my single brain cell days :)