Saturday, January 14, 2012

MG QanT WIP: Tamiya Base Coats and Blues

I've been trying to find the closest blue finish possible to the MG QanT blue parts for quite some time now. Now that I'm on full throttle to finish the kit, I decided to conduct a little experiment and see for myself. But before that, a little Painting 101:

  • Primers such as Tamiya's Fine Surface Primer (available in Gray and White) improves the part's cohesion with the paint. Priming parts is not required since the paint would still stick to the part, but priming gives extra "strength" to the paint.
  • Sanding the part prior to priming is critical though for best results. 
  • Base Coats allows you to change the saturation (shade). See the photos below:

Tamiya TS Racing Blue with different Base Coats (Left to Right): TS Silver Leaf, TS Gun Metal and TS Black

However, I have a can of TS Blue and TS Brilliant Blue and decided to try them out, here's the results:

As far as I can see, non-Metallic Colors like the Blue and Brilliant Blue did not change regardless what Base Coat I used, where as the Racing Blue's saturation changed drastically as the Base Coat got darker. In short, Metallic Colors gets the most benefit out of Base Coats.

Still didn't find the perfect blue for my kit but I would try other Tamiya Blue paints such as:

  • French Blue
  • Metallic Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Mica Blue
  • Telefonica Blue
  • Deep Metallic Blue
  • Light Metal Blue
Now I believe what I've read for the past year that Blue is one of the toughest colors to use in Gunpla modelling. Check out Tamiya's Synthetic Lacquer TS and Acrylic XF Paint Color Charts!


  1. Great demo, thank you, could never have imagined the difference unless I'd seen it!

  2. Excellent tutorial! This is really helpful for builders like me who cannot afford an airbrush =P