Sunday, December 11, 2011

November Hauls!

Busy and stressed for the past couple of days. Prolly because of the Christmas season? Regardless of what the occassion is: collectors like me would always find time and funds to secure their desired items (now that Christmas Bonus is out and teasing me like a devil haha!).

I'm also worried and scared. The photo below is a proof that i've extended my interests beyond Gunpla, which means extra strain to my finances. Here are my hauls for the month of November:

Left to right:
- Senhime (Hyakka Ryouran) Queen's Gate MegaHouse Limited
- MG White Unicorn Zeta Karaba Limited
- RG Freedom Gundam
- Revoltech WarMachine


  1. I'm also thinking of getting that Kotobukiya Zero model.

  2. Please tell me you still have the MG Zeta Karaba!